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psychic readings near me

Helping You Connect 

SINCE 2010

Private & Semi-Private Readings

1 hour+ $150 per person (Semi-Private)
40 min $200 (Private)

This service can be performed in our Manalapan NJ office

Readings with mediums Denise & Kathy are a three-way process involving the mediums, Spirit, and the client. The mediums are the bridge between the Spirit world and the physical world. Healing & Validation is the most important aspect of spirit communication. Service time is approximately 60+ minutes 

While Private Readings are one on one,


our Semi-Private readings allow between

2-4 people to sit together.

Medium Near Me
privte readig
Psychic Phone Readings



30 min
$150 Per Person

Denise and Kathy's phone readings are just as accurate as in-person readings. Energy travels from Spirit and our guides via the phone as powerfully as sitting across from us. This is a wonderful option to gain guidance, knowledge, and peace.

Phone readings

Reiki Energy Healings

With Chakra Balancing & Aura Sound Cleansing

45 min
$150 Per Person

This service can be performed in our Manalapan, NJ office or request to have this service at a place or event or fundraiser your choosing.

Denise is an experienced and practiced reiki master. 

Reiki healing helps to promote balance and wellness of the mind, body, and Spirit when used in connection with medical treatments Reiki can expedite healing. During your healing session, you may experience tingling, heat, and cold as energy is directed to where it's needed. Emotional release is also a normal and common experience. Spirit also often comes through with messages during your session and these messages will be passed onto you. at the end of the healing session, you will be taught a simple and effective colored breath work meditation and grounding. These techniques will help keep your chakras open, and your energy flowing and protected until your nest session.

Service time is approximately 45 mins to an hour. This service is done fully clothed on our massage table.

*NOTE: Please wear comfortable clothing and socks and bring a bottle of water to this service

Reiki Healing Near Me
Reiki Healing
Psychic Near Me

Group / Gallery


2 hours

$100 per person

This service can be performed in our Manalapan NJ office or request to have this service at a place or event of your choosing.

Join Denise and Kathy for an intimate connection with Spirit as they host you in a group reading. During the evening Denise and Kathy will lead the group through a brief meditation and grounding before the readings will begin. Denise and Kathy will provide EVERY participant with a message from a loved one in Spirit that is shared with them through their guides and your loved ones. Learn about the other side, and gain validation through your own reading, as well as listening to the readings of others. Please allow 2 hours for this service.

Please note: Though everyone receives a reading in these environments, Denise and Kathy can't make a guarantee a particular spirit will come through. 


Group sessions must be comprised of 8 to 20 people.

Group reading

Sage, Salt &
Home Or

Book or call for pricing

This service can be performed at a place of your choosing.

Sage cleansings are a great way to bring balance to your home or business. And remove any negative energies. This ancient ritual is very important to do when moving into a new space, as well as on a regular basis to keep the vibration level high in your home. After smudging with sage the area will be salted for the highest protection. This service makes a wonderful housewarming gift.

psychic near me
trusted psychic near me

Learn About

Your Gifts

Book or call for pricing

This service can be performed in our Manalapan NJ offices

Participate in a teaching workshop to help you understand and navigate your psychic mediumship ability & control and enhance your gifts. Workshops typically run for 5 sessions. Call for more information

*NOTE: Participants must be 18+

Learn about your ifts



Book or call for pricing

Request to have this service at your next event.

Our seminars delve into the process of mediumship, psychic abilities, energy healing, physical mediumship, the dimension beyond the veil, and much more...interactive question and answer with the audience is our format. Please allow 90 minutes for this service

Mediumship Readings
Mediumship seminr
Group readings

Full Moon


2 hours
$40 per person

This service can be performed in our Manalapan NJ office.

Come out and bring your friends to join! Harness the universe's energy and release and let go of what no longer serves you. Manifest and draw into your life what you deserve and desire. Everyone will participate in an ancient ritual that will draw love, light, power, and presence. Bring your crystals to cleanse too! Let’s connect with our guides .. nature.. and raise our vibration together!

Full Moon Rituals will not take place for every month's full moon. Ritual dates to be posted on Instagram & Facebook - keep an eye out to reserve your spot!

2023 Ritual Dates

  • January 6th Wolf Moon


  • February 5th Full Snow Moon


  • March 7th Full Worm Moon


  • April 6th Full Pink Moon

  • May 5th Full Flower Moon

  • ​June 3rd Full Strawberry Moon

  • ​July 3rd Full Buck Moon

  • August 1st Full Sturgeon Moon

  • August 30th Full Blue Moon

  • September 29th Full Harvest Moon

  • November 27th Full Bever Moon

  • December 26th Full Cold Moon


Raise Your
Vibration Art

Bring your friends for a fun,
enriching evening of


Request to have this service at your next event.

Raise Your Vibration art workshops can be booked for Thursday, Friday, or Saturday
afternoons and evenings (In Manalapan, NJ). or, get a group of 6-10 friends together for a private 
workshop at a date and time of your choosing.

Painting Equipments
Mediumship seminr

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart...

who looks outside, dreams.

Who looks inside, awakens."

Carl Jung

All sessions are for adults eighteen years of age and older.


All information is offered for personal and entertainment purposes and is not intended at any time to replace the advice, counsel or the recommendations of any medical, psychological, legal or financial expert or any other professional service.


Mediumship and Psychic work are experimental in nature and the information imparted during a session are open to interpretation.


Clients are advised that they have free will at all times to make their own choices and Empire Psychic Mediums shall not be held responsible for the actions they may or may not take as a result of their session.


By your participation in this session, you are agreeing fully to all stated in this disclaimer



Blue Surface


Amazing and an instant connection to my loved ones .. I've had many medium readings but this by far was SPOT ON

Blue Surface


Denise is the real deal and provides the best readings and experiences of cleansing and healing. With a professional but endearing presence she makes you comfortable with an experience that for many, I’m sure, can be unnerving. Her spiritual room has a calming and peaceful energy that has the ability to put you at ease. The accuracy of the reading was truly mind-blowing and I recommend her to everyone!

Blue Surface


They are so genuine and sweet ladies and they were spot on with things they were saying love them ❤️

Blue Surface


The reading I received from Denise was amazing. She brought forth a lot of insight and details that gave me a sense of peace. It was a wonderful and calming experience and I feel I'm on exactly the right path. Denise is the real deal and so gifted. She will put you at ease and she has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend getting a reading.

Blue Surface


I 100% recommend these wonderful ladies. I left after my reading feeling so much better. everything that was said was super accurate and it was like talking to my boyfriend again. it was crazy and I appreciated the reading so much

Blue Surface


I have had Psychic readings that very much impressed me. Very accurate. Took 6 friends for a table tipping and everyone was happy with the info that came through with Denise and Kathy. Go to them whenever I need help from the Universe. They are very connected. 💖

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