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Raise Your Vibration

Art Workshop

Bring your friends for a fun,

enriching evening of self-discovery! 

Raise Your Vibration art workshops can be booked for Thursday, Friday, or Saturday

afternoons and evenings (In Manalapan, NJ). or, get a group of 6-10 friends together for a private

workshop at a date and time of your choosing.


3 Hr. Workshop

$100 Per Person

All Art Materials Included. 

Call Denise for more information: 732-816-7374 

This workshop is very therapeutic and will help you to:

  • Trust your inner voice

  • Create a peaceful state

  • Raise your vibration

  • Increase your spiritual knowledge

  • Overcome creative blocks

  • Create healing

  • Manifest your desires

  • Release emotions that no longer serve you

  • Bring balance to your life

What you will learn:

  • How powerful color and the tactile media of paint can be.

  • Learn a brief but powerful mediation to draw your guides and angels to you.

  • Learn what colors mean to you

  • How to open and close your chakras and ground yourself properly

  • Add a new depth to your artwork

  • Connect to the wisdom of your higher self

  • Grow your self-reflection, insight, exploration, and awareness.


A Message From Denise

In addition to my psychic work, I am also an art teacher. I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and earned my BFA and MAT. I have had my own art studio for over 25 plus years where I have been giving classes in all media to students ages 5 to 18, I offer college portfolio prep, as well as adult classes.

By meshing my passions: art, psychic mediumship, and healing, I decided to create a workshop where people could blend their intuitions with the spiritual healing that creating art can deliver on a soul level.

This workshop is held in my Manalapan art studio. No art experience is necessary for this class, as we will build from an abstract expressionist style of painting and drawing.


Blue Surface


Denise had opened a whole new world for me. Playing a sport in college, there seems like there is no time for breathing or prayer. Denise showed me her own methods to become closer to the ones who have passed on. Her readings have given me closure to the ones who left me with no closure of my own. The cleansing and healing through her ahs been nothing short of magical and essential. Learning from her, I’ve incorporated her meditation and healing practices into my everyday life - as well as my baseball routine. Denise has taught me to look at the brighter side of things when it seems like there is nothing but darkness, and to also always ask for help to the ones who are not physically here, but spiritually walking aside us.

Blue Surface

Laura Lynn

Denise and Kathy are amazing mediums. Six members of our family- 3 generations of sisters- had the opportunity to sit down with them for our first seance experience and we are still talking about it. Denise & Kathy are so warm and welcoming, and their introduction to what to expect set the stage for an incredible session. From start to finish we were in awe of the energy in the room. The table we surrounded moved and tilted toward the person to whom a message was being delivered, and then Denise or Kathy would tap right into the information being sent. Our minds were constantly blown by what they knew without ever meeting us. We walked away with a new appreciation for the spirit world, learned that we have guides walking this path with us and that they are here to offer us support, and took with us messages of guidance which was really awesome. We cant wait to book our next session

Blue Surface

Denise and Kathy’s sessions make me happy. That’s a big reason I keep going. The sessions are, without fail, joy-filled, love-filled, and genuine. The first time I went, I went to support a friend so I didn’t feel like I was going to be “exposed” or hear something that would cause me to be too emotional. What I found and feel ever since is that spirit is there for our well-being, with love and comfort, and if there is something we aren’t ready to hear, it won’t come through. The whole environment is only loving and supportive. And I also love that they get advice from spirit about how to handle something in your life. I’ve gotten advice on job hires new business ventures, parenting help for my kids an,d marital advice. It’s amazing! I love these women and thank them for helping me through my journey in a positive way

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