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Light, Love,

Power, Presence.

"In religion, we call it spirits.

In science we call it energy.

In the streets we call it vibes.

All I'm saying it"

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Phone Reading 


ONLY $75

Due to COVID19 Empire Psychic Mediums has decided to offer a special discounted rate for our phone reading service. Normally a phone reading with us would be $150 for 45 minutes but we are happy to announce this service for only

$75 for a half-hour!

Image by Roman Kraft

As Featured in

Spiritualism Takes On New Meaning by Susan Heckler

The nine of us sat around a small table with the mediums facing each other. Candlelight flickered, cleansing herbs were burned, and prayers were said asking for protection and only good to come of our evening. We lightly placed our hands on the table. I could see I wasn’t the only guest who was a little apprehensive. The psychics explained the procedure and what we should expect will happen. They have no control over which spirits “come through”. Basically, they open up a channel of communication and anyone who wants to come through has the opportunity. I had high hopes of hearing from my father who passed away 23 years ago this month. We were very close, and I miss his guidance and his love. My mother was also hoping for a sign. With hands-on the little table, it started to vibrate slightly. Then it moved a little in this direction and that. I will only relate my personal experience that night, rather than detail the experience of all six guests.

"I close my eyes

in order to see"

Paul Gauguin


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Why Am I Here?

What People Say

Blue Surface
Blue Surface

Marialyce Wernicke Denauski 

I was blown away by Kathy and Denise and how spot on they were with knowledge no one would have known. I came away from our session feeling peaceful and blessed. Highly recommend!

Blue Surface
Blue Surface

Bindi Patel

Denise is the real deal and provides the best readings and experiences of cleansing and healing. With a professional but endearing presence she makes you comfortable with an experience that for many, I’m sure, can be unnerving. Her spiritual room has a calming and peaceful energy that has the ability to put you at ease. The accuracy of the reading was truly mind-blowing and I recommend her to everyone!

Blue Surface

Maria D'Amico

Denise is the best medium I’ve ever been to. I finally found the right one that truly has a gift. She connected me with family that have passed over and I feel at peace knowing they’re with me and okay. She predicted outcomes of my work, where I will be living and even gave me my boyfriends name and told me about his future as well. I also scheduled a reiki healing with her after my reading and she knew exactly where I was having issues and pain. I haven’t had a migraine or any pain in my knee since. Being read by a medium can often be scary and people often hesitate to do it because “they don’t believe in it” but I can’t stress how accurate and life changing it truly is. I was always skeptical of this and never believed in any of this until I was recommended by a friend and saw for myself. I highly recommend making an appointment with Denise. Your experience will be LIFE CHANGING.

Blue Surface

Katie Leigh 

I recently had the privilege to participate in a session with Denise and Kathy. To share, this has been one of the most incredible and powerful experiences of my life.

We lost several family members over the last year, and it has been a very difficult time. Denise and Kathy gave us the opportunity to communicate with those who have passed, which provided significant closure. The messages delivered by Denise and Kathy were accurate, specific, and positive. The setting is intimate, comforting, and relaxed. I strongly, and without hesitation, recommend their services to all!

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